Boosting leads and brand awareness for a niche educational institution to drive student enrolments

Stirling College, Australia

The destination

Stirling College is a Christian theological institution located in Melbourne, Australia. The school offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in theology and counselling but was facing challenges with student enrolment numbers due to low brand awareness and inconsistent marketing. Our goal was to drive leads and increase their rate of conversion to obtain at least 50 new online and face-to-face enrolments for the coming school year. We needed to market specific programs, emphasising the school as being a quality provider of theological and counselling courses.

The route

The Walk took a tandem approach to the challenge by creating brand awareness and consideration via a targeted social media campaign together with a driven and optimised Google Ads search campaign for each of the school’s courses. We focused on the creative, taking time to understand the ambitions and goals of their prospective audiences. We then developed a storyline to speak to those values. Our creative approach aimed to relate with Christians who hold faith, helping others, and finding meaning in life as top of mind purposes in their lives.

The Walk

Working together with the client, we delivered a series of engaging ads for social media, aimed at three major groups of people: friends of Stirling College’s Facebook page followers, recent graduates in the local Melbourne area, as well as these school leavers’ parents. Together with our Google search ad campaign, The Walk achieved the college’s enrolment goals, and based on the campaigns’ success, has now been chosen to roll out Stirling College’s annual marketing campaign, which targets key student intake periods. Our campaign involves attendance to live events at related churches and organisations; email marketing campaigns, webinar videos; audio podcasts, printed brochures, and the school’s syllabus.

The Walk’s creative execution resonated with the deep emotional needs and values held by prospective students and their families

The destination landing page where students could learn more and enrol

Want to drive enrolments or establish brand awareness for your niche product or service?

Our collaboration with Stirling College highlights the importance of knowing your audience together with targeted efforts on building genuine human connections to engage them. The results can be nothing less than significant. If you’d like to drive student enrolments at your educational institution or are offering a niche product or service and want to engage the specific people interested in your offering, talk to The Walk today and we’ll help you put a strategy into action. Our focus is on achieving results and getting you the best ROI possible for your marketing investment.

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