Integrated, multi-touch marketing generates a 5,645% ROI

Great Eastern Life, Singapore

Great Eastern Life Insurance is the oldest life insurance group in Singapore and Malaysia. With a large network of sales agents, Great Eastern wanted to recognise and celebrate the success of it’s representatives while simultaneously engaging customers.

The destination

Running a promotion that merges rewards for customers with recognition for sales partners is already a complex proposition and the Great Eastern Achievers program was already personalised print promotion delivered in English and Chinese to more than 140,000 customers who received printed mailers from one of 668 Achievers.

But with Singapore’s highly digital-savvy population, it was time to bring this unique campaign to life through digital channels with a website,  and social components.

The route

For the campaign to successful, it had to first engage the Achievers. With 92% embracing the campaign, the response was excellent and of these, 8% also opted to appear on camera and film a personal thank-you message.

Customers were then delivered personalised DM or eDM from their Achiever – who could opt to include a photo, professional credentials, personal profile, an even a thank-you message and thank-you video on their own personalised web page. Each customer also received a barcoded voucher which was redeemable at the point-of-sale with their print DM – and were able to download the same via a link from the eDM they received.

The Walk

Using digital media didn’t just enable efficiencies in production, it also reaped rewards in terms of engagement, with the eDM achieving n incredible 28% click-through rate (against a 5% industry average) and social media – a source beyond the reach of the traditional print mailers – providing 19% off all web traffic. On the site, 17% of all visitors watched an Achiever’s personal thank-you video and crucially, 35% sent a message via the Achiever’s contact details, effectively opening the door to new sales opportunities.

Watch the award video

The integrated, multi-touch campaign featured print, email, web and social components

Looking to expand the reach of your marketing?

These days you’re as likely to be expanding from digital to print as the other way around. Either way, the proven effectiveness of multi-touch, integrated marketing could be what you’re looking for to accelerate your business growth.

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