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Conquest Equipment, Australia

Easy-to-digest videos to contribute to the Conquest brand credibility and authority.

Conquest Equipment, stepping into a role as a national brand, needed a way to support their growth and grow their brand across the country.

The destination

Consistently developing and releasing engaging content helps to not only bolster online presence and organic traffic results, but would also position Conquest as a subject matter expert in their field and engender more trust in the brand. The content plan would take into account business prerogatives, new products and content goals. Time to write some script outlines!

The route

We worked with the Conquest Equipment team to develop content themes for 6 months, which would act as a guide for content production. We then assisted with producing articles, videos, landing pages and social posts, resulting in a flow of content that ensured there was always some “new” news. Video was a key content type, as it allowed the team to showcase both products and expertise in an easy-to-digest format (becoming more consumable every year) that lent credibility and authority to the Conquest brand.

The Walk

Producing a pipeline of content included shooting footage for a six video industry series in a single day. This approach ensured we could keep costs down, deliver a consistent tone and deliver on business goals over a period of time. Once production was complete, the team were able to publish one video per month, along with accompanying articles, emails and posts, all matching a theme. The result? Consistent delivery of quality content to bolster their communications and hammer home a well branded, considered message.

The finished video series

  • Video 1

  • Video 2

  • Video 3

  • Video 4

  • Video 5

  • Video 6

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Making a big impact means having a good strategy and taking a detailed and creative approach to execution. As a performance-driven integrated marketing agency, at The Walk we use the power of narrative through whatever channels will work best to generate interest and incite action, always measuring the effectiveness and optimising to ensure great results and a real return on imagination.

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