The story of highly technical thinking made highly accessible

Arq Group, Australia

Case in point: Presenting complexity so it’s simple to understand

Arq Group, the leading provider of digital solutions to enterprise and government in Australia, needed help telling the story of their innovative chatbot pilot with ANZ, one of Australia’s largest banking groups. As we discovered, quick-fire development using cutting-edge technology to solve a real-world problem makes for a story worth telling.

Being able to briefly and eloquently talk about their successes is a challenge for many brands – one which is exacerbated further when the project is highly complex and technical. Arq Group engaged The Walk to tell the story of how they leveraged traditionally consumer-oriented chatbot technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to help solve employee compliance challenges for ANZ bank. To make an easily consumable case study that highlighted just how interesting and successful the project was, video was the perfect medium.

The destination

Arq Group needed help from a team who could quickly understand the project, the technical challenges and the solution and craft a story that allowed potential customers of Arq Group to easily understand the project and its importance. The first step was for us to develop a detailed understanding of the project ourselves. A complex process of iterative development using artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and logic engines needed to be distilled into a high-level, easily relatable piece that still covered off the technical details

The route

Conducting advance interviews with key players from Arq Group’s technical and project teams as well as the key stakeholder at ANZ, we wove the challenges, successes and technical background into a script outline. This would guide interview subjects to be able to speak naturally about their role in the project, while ensuring each interview got the footage we needed to tell the story and cover off the technical detail. Once this was passed by compliance from all sides, we were ready to roll camera!

The Walk

Filming on two locations in a single day, four stakeholder interviews plus cutaway and establishing footage was all captured. Having just the right script outline was crucial to the process as this ensured that the subjects were comfortable enough to talk conversationally on camera about their specialist topic or experience of the project, whilst still ensuring that all the detail was covered. Managing the project with senior stakeholders from multiple organisations The Walk wrestled the extremely complex project into a highly accessible video case study video with a great result in record time.

Watch the end result below:

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

A close look at Polli

The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

A look behind the scenes

  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency
  • The Walk - Integrated Marketing Agency

Does your brand have an untold story?

Storytelling is powerful, but it’s not always easy to get it right. If your brand has successful projects that you’re not telling people about, get in touch with The Walk and let us help you bring those stories to life so you can increase your brand’s credibility and your customer base.

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