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The rise and rise of digital marketing

The pandemic seriously strengthened digital marketing’s hold on our attention, and marketers are now doubling down on digital.

This means more complexity and higher competition, while changes in the landscape come thick and fast. New algorithms, changing data laws, new channels and new methods – it can make consistent return on investment more difficult to achieve. Plus, we hear from our clients there are some “set-and-forget” digital marketing agencies out there, who stop paying attention as soon as the ink dries on their 12-month contracts.

So how can you find consistent success in digital marketing today? For us it’s about working collaboratively and utilising each others’ strengths while we create, build, test and optimise digital marketing activity over time. It’s an “always-on” approach that yields better results for decreasing spend as campaigns are honed and polished to connect with more people, resonate more strongly and convert more effortlessly to business results for your brand.

More than 60% of global marketing budgets was spent on digital channels in 2022, rising to 70% in 2023.

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Full service SEO

Keyword research, site optimisation and ranking

Performance marketing

PPC, native advertising, affiliate marketing

Digital strategy and placement

Creating stellar, ROI-focused strategies that use the right channels

Marketing strategy & optimisation

Crafting and constantly improving your marketing plans

Website development

Building & improving your website, including UX & UI

Search engine optimisation

Growing authority and rankings, on-site and off-site

PPC advertising

Using platforms like Google Ads and DV360 to target customers

Display advertising

Google Display ads and programmatic advertising

Social media advertising

Leveraging channels like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

Content syndication

Producing, placing and syndicating content, as well as native advertising

Digital analytics

Reporting and gathering insights for continuous improvement

Email marketing

Connecting with customers and driving sales

Remarketing advertising

Cross-channel remarketing to stay front-of-mind

Hosting & platform architecture

Modifying systems to maximise your digital presence

Content marketing

Blogs, video, radio, email and infographics – we’ve got you covered

CRM & automation

Streamline processes to boost sales & service

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Building brands, optimising results

Successful digital marketing comes down to three important things:



Having a tried and trusted process gives you a good place to start getting results and generating insights as quickly as possible. Our process involves working closely with clients on digital marketing strategies, learning as quickly as we can about their business and competitive environment through discovery, and continuously paying attention to campaign metrics to produce insights that help us to grow sales and the brand. By doing this, we build not only great campaigns, but also great client relationships.



Of course, getting results is not optional, like all marketing work digital marketing must deliver a strong return on investment. Digital marketing performance is able to be accurately measured across platforms and channels, allowing us to increase investment in the most effective areas, while evolving or discarding channels that aren’t working so well. Of course, things change, and as the landscape shifts, or competitors alter their strategies, it requires constant attention to keep your digital marketing strategy delivering good business outcomes for your brand.



Constant improvement is another non-negotiable in digital marketing. For us this means improving campaign metrics, but also building your brand. Producing high quality content and creative for digital marketing campaigns is crucial to avoid the firecracker effect, where a campaign makes a big bang, but explodes your brand in the process. Because of the increasing importance of digital in the marketing and brand landscape, making sure that digital campaigns deliver great brand experiences that increase customer affinity and loyalty over time is all part of what we do.

Digital marketing that gets results

Do you find digital marketing a challenge?

If you do, you’re not alone. Digital marketing is complex, and finding the right digital marketing agency can be tough. If you’d like to learn more about how our collaborative and attentive approach to digital marketing could set your brand up for success by hitting short term metrics while building long term brand equity, simply give us a call or fill the form below and we can set up a time to discuss how we could help.

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