The Walk is a well-established integrated marketing agency with demonstrated experience in providing the full gamut of marketing services. From traditional disciplines like advertising and web design through to digital marketing and lead generation, we have always focused on delivering creative and high-value projects focused on generating ROI.

From our earliest days, we’ve supported clients from across Australia and around the globe with strategic and tactical marketing initiatives from the laneways of Melbourne, Australia. Now, we’re expanding our presence further up the east coast to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

The Walk joins the thriving Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast is widely known for it’s pristine beaches and warm weather, but it’s also home to a diverse, thriving economy. In addition to the area’s strong performance in tourism and agribusiness, there are also well-established and advancing sectors in education and research, knowledge industries and professional services, aviation and aerospace, and clean technologies. Growth in the region is prolific, with the $17.7 billion local economy set to double in the next decade.

We’re excited to be a part of the growth of the Sunshine Coast and to add our expertise and experience to the mix of capabilities in this area.

Jo Edwards, Co-founder & Creative Director

More recently, too, there has been a push towards innovation and technology in the region, with the local government advocating for tech businesses to locate themselves in the area. For The Walk, this is fertile ground given our history of working with global tech and startups both in Australia and abroad.

It’s not only tech that’s growing. With the Olympics coming to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in 2032, the whole region is fizzing with development and growth opportunities in anticipation of the area taking centre stage for this global showpiece.

These combined factors present an irresistible opportunity for us to help businesses on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, the Gold Coast and across Queensland thrive during this exciting period.

A flourishing environment for growth and entrepreneurship

Far from the outsider’s impression of sleepy beach towns and tourist traps, the Sunshine Coast is a thriving and growing business environment. Quality of life has proven to be a significant draw for talent, bringing quality businesses and entrepreneurial people to the Noosa, Peregian, and surrounding areas in droves. This has contributed to the attractiveness of the region for tech companies, startups, and satellite offices.

With exponential population growth projected, the local government is investing heavily in digital infrastructure and support for innovation and aims to give the area the capability of a smart city. With innovation hubs and precincts already established, startups and tech businesses have access to infrastructure, resources, mentorship, and a community of like-minded people to support their initiatives. This community provides an amazing opportunity for people to access cutting-edge ideas and forge relationships with similarly forward-thinking and ambitious types.

In addition to people moving their skills to the area, universities on the Sunshine Coast provide a steady flow of skilled graduates, particularly in IT, engineering, and related fields. These institutions frequently collaborate with businesses for research and development, internships, and employment opportunities. The region also hosts various tech-related events, workshops, and conferences, adding to the vibrance of the community of tech professionals.

We’re excited to be a part of the growth of the Sunshine Coast and to add our expertise and experience to the mix of capabilities in this area.

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