Dulux is arguably the most respected brand in its category. Achieving this has been a result of a quality product and a consistent branding approach that has given Dulux “hero” brand status; it’s the most trusted product for house proud and savvy decorators.

That’s great, but what about the real decision makers; the guys that earn their living from their trade as a painter?

Dulux found that trade painters loved their product, but Dulux was missing out as product selection was influenced by the trade painters’ profit margins. This meant cheaper paint products were being recommended over Dulux.

To help Dulux prioritise their trade painter market, it was key to develop their relationship with trade painters who were advocates for their product. Information gained from effective customer profiling and segmentation models was used to maximise their limited sales and marketing resources by focusing on the customers with the highest potential value. The sales improvement for Dulux in the trade painter market was significant and immediate.

Next on the agenda was using profiled data to structure a highly successful win-back campaign. But this begged the question; why wait until a customer needs to be won back?

Campaign Strategy and Execution

Our Billy Big Bucks campaign built on the success of the incentive process used for the previous win- back campaign, to give highly profiled, targeted trade painters a very good reason to reconsider Dulux – not just once, but as many times as they liked, thereby changing their buying behaviour long term.

Direct mail was the chosen medium for this campaign. The mail pack was fully personalised and included 6 vouchers for the customer to use on their purchases of Dulux paint and associated brands during the campaign period.

The offer was redeemed in-store and all sales were recorded against the customer account number, providing 100% campaign results tracking.


  • Almost 30% of customers redeemed the offer during the campaign period
  • Over 60% of these customers redeemed multiple times
  • The program achieved an ROI of 16 times spend during the campaign period

This has now become a regular program on the Dulux quarterly calendar.


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