Going the extra 20,000 miles

The Walk take in Transform 2.0

At the Walk, we pride ourselves on standing side-by-side with our clients on their journey, so it was a great privilege to attend Transform 2.0, Lenovo’s invitation-only partner and vendor event in New York City.

This event is fast becoming synonymous with announcements that have industry-changing ramifications, and as we heard from Nick and Jo, this year didn’t disappoint. Lenovo is one of the world’s leading technology providers, with a portfolio of products and solutions from smartphones (Motorola) through laptops and PCs (ThinkPad) all the way to the servers and data centers – where they’ve recently been crowned the fastest growing Supercomputer provider in the world. So, when they’re talking tech, we listen.

Going deep into technology culture

With Keynote addresses from Lenovo’s global CEO, Yuanqing Yang, and heads of the PC and Data Center groups there were some big announcements which will continue to resonate in the industry for some time. Cloud, security, next-gen storage, flexible infrastructure and portable devices all made headlines at the event, capturing the breadth of Lenovo’s commitment to innovation across the entire tech landscape.

The event was especially meaningful for The Walk – and not just because we became the darlings of their social media page. With the work we’re doing through the Lenovo North America events team, it was incredibly valuable to be able to see, hear and experience every aspect of Lenovo’s signature event in North America, while always keeping in mind what we could learn from being there and subsequently bring to the table in terms of new ideas and improvements.

So, what did we learn?

Once we got Jo to stop rambling about the quality of pastrami in New York, we asked him about the most interesting breakout sessions he attended.

“The Device-as-a-Service presentation was really interesting.” He said, “It’s a really great concept, bringing the consumer-led subscription economy to enterprise IT and resulting in a device and even brand agnostic service that focuses on automation and optimisation of technology fleets using big data and some great smarts. The presentation on DevOps as a business culture was also fascinating. It really resonates with how we work, with focus, agility and learning from iterations.”

For Nick, it was getting a deeper understanding about AI and how Lenovo is forging ahead in this space.

“The 4th industrial revolution is truly underway and yet we’re in this interesting time where the point of AI and how it manifests is really yet to be determined. Lenovo’s take on this is that offering the fastest, most efficient computing available, helps to solve humanity’s greatest challenges.”

It was highly rewarding to fully immerse ourselves in our client’s culture.

At the event, Lenovo’s HPC and AI Marketing Manager, Robert Daigle, ran us through one of their AI simulations, which uses a gamified interface backed by AI to detect rare pathogens and retinal diseases. “Of all the paths that AI can take, this is certainly a worthy pursuit” said Nick. Seeing and experiencing Lenovo solutions first-hand really helped to hammer home how impressive things are on the technology horizon and it was highly rewarding to fully immerse ourselves in our client’s culture.

Of course, no trip to New York would be complete without seeing some of the sights and Lenovo generously obliged with a cruise down the Hudson around the Statue of Liberty.

Overall, even if it was a long way to go, it was highly rewarding to go walkabout and connect more closely with our clients in the US, as well as getting a sneak peek at technology that will be defining the future.

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