An undercover Australian actually brought up in San Francisco.

Our resident digital expert, and co-founder, Nick has worked around the world on a range of brands across multiple industries. Bringing over 20 years of international and local experience to The Walk, he is driven by the idea within the context of strategy and technology. Nick was selected to attend the prestigious AWARD School in 2011, an experience that cemented his approach to working in the ever changing creative world.

Not your typical Digital Director, Nick’s focus is always wider than just digital. Working with the strategic view that message retention can skyrocket to over 70% with integrated creative and media, he always keeps an eye on the bigger picture. Nick’s true north is a combination of creativity crossed with all that technology can bring and a killer strategy that takes in the landscape of where it all lives and breathes.

Never taking himself too seriously, Nick loves to have a laugh with the team and keeps everyone happy and having fun, whilst at work. He also enjoys working with clients to deliver the best outcomes, making him the perfect companion for your next digital project.

Do you have a query about how we approach digital projects? Drop Nick a line below.