There’s nothing like variety when you’re passionate about integrated marketing.

Jo’s experience spans nearly two decades and three continents, where a career as a designer, art director, copywriter and creative director has seen him lead projects and teams to achieve great results across a diverse range of segments, industries and geographies.

As a co-founder at The Walk, Jo brings an acute intuition for problem solving, whatever the message or the media, and the ability to break down a challenge into its component, solvable parts. His experience helping clients from global tech enterprises to mid-market consumer facing businesses has given him a broad appreciation and understanding of what works and what doesn’t in different contexts and marketing environments. This has also served to grow his ability to conceptualise and craft messaging that will resonate with just the right audience.

When Jo isn’t focusing on creative solutions for clients, he’ll be found tickling his kids, shredding licks on one of his many guitars (mainly “Twinkle Little Star” these days) and passionately supporting his favourite sports teams.

Looking for a creative solution that isn’t just pretty, but also solves a problem?

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