With a pedigree of award-winning marketing campaigns, technopreneur attitude and a data-driven approach, The Walk is the new Melbourne-based integrated marketing agency that readdresses the model of the agency in modern marketing.

18 August 2016, Melbourne Australia – Targetbase Australia, the Melbourne based integrated agency that brought together the key personnel from long-running Australian Agency, Targetbase Integrated, has taken the next step in its evolution. In response to a rapidly changing global marketing environment, The Walk Agency has adopted a new-age, flexible business model, enabling agile and effective service delivery for their clients across all geographies.

The Walk’s core strength in multi-touch integrated marketing remains central to the agency’s offering to clients, as does the ability to execute across a range of media, marketing sectors and geographies. “Smart”,effective” and “measurable” are the watchwords at The Walk – with each considered critical to delivering results in increasingly complex and rapidly evolving business landscapes.

In the last 12 months, The Walk has built a client list comprised of multi-nationals in Australia, the U.S. and Singapore and Australian mid-market companies including TIME magazine, Lenovo, Google, Amazon Web Services, Harbour IT, Conquest Equipment and Great Eastern Life.

So, why “The Walk”?

Nick Cantor“Well, it’s a journey” says Digital Director, Nick Cantor, who has led both creative and digital teams around the globe in a career of more than 15 years. “Change is both rapid and gradual and sometimes there is so much focus on reacting to big changes and trends that we don’t notice the world turn beneath our feet,” he says.

A company director and the spearhead of The Walk’s digital and technology strategies, Nick takes the impact this has on client partnerships very seriously: “Just as the way companies and products go to market today has changed from even five years ago,” he says, “the way that marketers work and the support they need from agencies is changing too. So we need to be smart from both strategic and technological perspectives to enable our clients to be effective in their roles and get results for their businesses.”

Unique clients deserve a unique agency

Jo Edwards“Everyone walks their own way – it depends who you are, where you’re headed and what ground you need to cover on the way,” says Jo Edwards, company and Creative Director at The Walk. With a background in print and digital creative stretching more than 15 years over 3 continents, he’s seen enough to know: “Our clients are all different and work differently, so we’re adaptable – but our focus is always the same: work we can be proud of that delivers return on investment.”

The diverse experience and specialisms of the core team gives The Walk the ability to strategise for different clients, categories and even geographies in the mould of a marketing consultancy – but, as the name suggests, The Walk doesn’t stop at just talking about it. “Our team is there for clients every step of the way,” says Jo, “from strategy through execution, right up until the results and analysis reveal not just where we got to, but also where we should be headed next.”

Best foot forward

For marketers looking for a fresh, individual approach that’s backed by experience and fuelled by the vigour of a new venture, consider taking The Walk.

“The landscape is always changing,” says Jo, “either because you’re moving forward, or because the world is moving past you. Our goal is to be the ones pushing ourselves and our clients ahead.”