Video marketing is a powerful way to convey a lot of complex ideas and emotions in a short space of time. Get it right and you’ll leave a lasting impression that entices the audience to engage with your brand. This article will provide you with tips and tricks to help you achieve your marketing goals with a limited video production budget.

consumers want to see more videos

The demand for video is huge, 54% of consumers want to see more videos from their favourite brands. The development of smartphones and improvement in internet infrastructure around the world gives more people access to high quality video on the go.

Plan ahead of time to increase efficiency and ROI

Think about how you can maximise the amount of content that can be produced at a single shoot. With the right planning you can capture an entire campaign’s worth of content, which greatly increases the ROI of video marketing campaigns. Perhaps you can liaise with a different marketing team who need a video for their campaign? If you plan to shoot both on the same production schedule, you can share the cost.

By planning upfront, you can produce a lot of content in one shoot to bring costs right down. Work as a team to determine the goal of the video and outline a realistic strategy to film your content in a short period of time. Once your video editors get their hands on the footage, they can batch-edit set to a style that can bring editing costs down.

The idea is to maximise the use of your production time by being smart about capturing lots of great content and thinking about how you can use it in different ways. Stick to your core goal but think creatively about how to extend usage into different formats or campaigns.

How to keep video shoot costs low

Cutting costs does not mean reducing the quality of the message. You can achieve the same end result with a small production budget. Here are a few ways to help shoot on a limited budget:

  • Animated videos: consider opting for animations instead of a live shoot. They offer different design choices that might be exactly what your brand needs to captivate your audience. Hiring an animated video professional could be more cost-effective than booking a few days to shoot a live video.
  • In-house actors: consider using people already working at your company as the actors of the video. It’s a way to save money and allow a few enthusiastic employees to get their time in the spotlight. Videos featuring employees who work for the company also adds more credibility to what’s being said.
Behind the scenes shot from one of our shoot
Behind the scenes vision from one of our shoots

Powerful messages can be created on a limited budget

The amount of money spent on a video is not proportional to the effectiveness of the message. Tribe’s research suggests there are some prominent topics that the audience prefers to hear from the CEO. The cost of getting the CEO to sit in front of a camera is minimal, yet provides so much value for your video marketing campaign.

The amount of money spent on a video is not proportional to the effectiveness of the message.

A compelling script is required for any video to spark strong emotions and catch people’s attention in an increasingly distracting world. Video scripts must include brand values, key messages, and a CTA. The videos you release should consider what stage of the buying process consumers are at. Strong CTAs are vital catalysts for consumers moving along the sales funnel, but these messages need to be timed carefully to ensure they don’t just appear abruptly and alienate the consumer before they’re ready to take action.

Repurpose video content

Use video content across other marketing channels to increase the amount of value it brings. Choosing video marketing is easier when you can transform the content into other mediums. Videos can be repurposed into soundbites, trailers, written content, photos, and podcasts.

video repurposing
Content stacking is about taking your big piece of content and breaking it down into smaller, more digestible nuggets.

Repurposing videos also allows you to keep a consistent message when doing integrated marketing across multiple channels. So you don’t have to worry about the message being lost in translation. Check out our article on content stacking to learn more about this strategy.

People love to see videos on social media and it’s profitable too. In fact, 88% of social media marketers are happy with their ROI on these portals. That’s a high degree of success! The intuitive integration of viewing videos on social media portals is a big contributor to this encouraging statistic.

Video marketing is a powerful way to get a message to your audience

Video marketing using the tips outlined above allows you to maximise value. A combination of planning, being resourceful and making smart choices ensures you end up with a robust video marketing campaign. You might be surprised at how far a limited budget can stretch when you tackle the project from the right angle.

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