We’ve just completed a mini-renovation at the Melbourne office and the whole team is loving the new space. Optimising the floor space with a new desk layout, we’ve created more room and built in breakout spaces to help the team get away from their desks whenever they need. With stand up desks through to bar stools and bean bags, we have every elevation and position covered.

Aside from the layout, we also looked at the lighting, refreshed the paint and put in new carpet and flooring. The kitchen also needed a refresh and this turned out to be a good opportunity to build in lockers for everyone, to keep clutter away from our work areas.

If only we had a before and after… We think so much about optimising here in our work, and applying that same rigour to our office space has already delivered terrific results.

We’re thrilled that when the conversation started about the place needing a lick of paint, we didn’t stop at the cosmetics and took some time to explore new possibilities with the space and furniture.

The Walk has always been a great place to come to be creative and clever. Now, we look the part too! Please drop in some time, the coffee’s almost as good as the company.